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 Portraying the game

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PostSubject: Portraying the game   2/27/2010, 10:57 pm

How to Present the Game to the uninformed.

This topic or subject has come up many times in the Forum in many different threads and Topic areas, also after being asked by many Members here, I am going to put my thoughts down, and Invite all to take part by adding their feelings on the Subject.

Depending on where you live, Town, City, State or Country all AS Players have different rules, regulations and Laws that they must adhere to, every Violation not only brings the parties involved into conflict with the Local Authorities, it also Damages the Image of the Hobby/Sport and makes it that much harder for the rest of us to enjoy and further develop the Game that we love.

So how do we as a Community support the Game ?

1, Appearance,( Players )

A; Don´t go walking around the neighborhood in your Uniform and Kit.

Serious sponsors or Event organizers, specifically state that all players should arrive in Civilian clothes, the reason for this is not to make it hard for the Players or to try to Hide the Party Teams, it is to Keep the Game on a Low Profile.

Keeping the Game on a Low Profile is not being done because the Game is Illegal, it´s being done because to many uninformed either have no clue or have the wrong idea about the game.

B; When putting your Uniform together, keep your style of play in Mind.

If you are going to be playing Backyard AS ( Mistake ), do you really need to be putting a Kit together that costs 700 to 800 dollars ?

Does it make any sense to go running around your Property with a Gas Mask on ?

Be sensitive to your Local communities thoughts and feeling, Depending on where you live, how would the local population react if you and your Team goes running around dressed up like Soldiers of the Third Reich ? This also includes Patches, Buttons or insignias on your Gear or Uniform, Right wing, Racist, Anti-Religious.

In a perfect World there would be no Politics in AS, but for anybody that has been in the game for a while, we all know that it just isn´t so.

C; AS Weapons and Weapon Transport.

Most of our Replicas are exact 1:1 copies of the Real Steel models, down to the finest detail.

Even most of the Informed can not tell the difference between a Real Steel and AS Replica when they are placed next to each other, How are the Uninformed going to react?

When going to or from a Game/Event, all AS Guns should be transported in a Gun Bad or Case, preferably one that can be locked. Batteries, Magazines and BB´s should be transported separately.

If you should be stopped by Local Authorities, tell them what you have in the Case/Bag ! Don´t try to hide the fact that you have an AS Replica, and tell them what you are doing with it, Going to, Coming from, Taking it to, Give them an honest answer and explanation, even in countries where AS is strictly controlled, don´t try to talk your way out of a sticky situation with lies and deceit, chances are you will be caught, and you will lose your gun.
Police are People to, they don´t like having their time wasted, and can´t stand being lied to.

Make sure you know the Laws in your area concerning AS and Replica Guns.
In most countries AS Guns are looked upon as `` Toys ´´, but they do fall under different Firearm Laws. Ensure that your Guns comply with all Local Laws !! This also includes the nice add-ons, Tac-Lights, Lasers, Silencers, Grenade Launchers, Bayonets and so on.
If it is Illegal, then leave it alone !! Having a Laser on your gun may be `` Cool ´´, but is it so `` Cool ´´, that you are willing to risk losing your Gun and paying a hefty fine ?

D; Playing Field

If you are Playing in a Local Green Strip, State Park, Woods or Forrest, Get Permission !!!

Most local Town and City officials will grant permission for the use of land for AS Teams, sometimes they will require a small fee, but nothing that is going to require you to take out a bank loan.
If the Property is Privately Owned, Get permission, and have a written copy of permission with you during games and events.
Inform Local Law !! Chances are they are going to come out to see just what you are doing, but after a few `` Friendly ´´ visits, if you are playing maturely, they will leave you alone.
When they do show up, PUT THE AS GUN DOWN !!
You don´t know if all Officers got the word about your game. Do not approach the Officer, let him/her come to you, make sure they can see your hands, Stay Calm, Polite and Friendly, but not Butt Kissing Friendly. Do what they tell you, and no matter what, be Honest.

6MM Plastic or Bio, cannot compete with 9MM full metal jacket Lead !!!

When you have a Playing Field, Keep it Clean !!!, this also includes cleaning it before you use it the first time.
This serves a few different purposes,
1, Everybody gets to know the Playing Fields Boundaries, Terrain, Danger Areas ( old Wells, open cellars, dumping pits...).

2, Demonstrates to the Locals, that you are serious and mature about your Hobby/Sport !

Do Not build unless you have written permission, building also means constructing a Trench Network.

What you pack in, you pack out ! Nothing more disturbing that going onto a field, and it is littered with Trash.

Use BIO´s, I know this is going to upset a lot of Players, but..
1, Plastic BB´s are Dangerous to the local wild life.
2, Plastic BB´s do damage the Environment.
3, After a few games there will be BB´s Everywhere, you don´t want to give anybody a reason for shutting you down.

Now, all the above areas are the EASY part !!

Here comes the hard part

Players Attitudes and Vocabulary.
This is going to cause a small Uproar, but read it and first and think before responding.

A; Attitudes

Be humble,
no matter how good you think you are, there is always somebody better or luckier.
Don´t think for a minute that you are the `` AS Master ´´, you know it all, been there, done that, and have the T-Shirt to prove it, because you havn´t !
With all the constant Upgrades, new innovations, Modifications, Makes, Models, Custom Guns, Nobody can keep up with them all !

Don´t be afraid to ask `` The Question ´´, regardless of how long that you have been in the Game. If you can afford to buy and test all the Equipment on the Market, then you need to open up your own Company !!
Most of us can´t afford it, so we ask others. Chances are if you have a question about anything to do with AS, somebody else also does. Forget about having a `` NOOB ´´ image, there is no such thing, everybody has to start somewhere.

Be Polite,
be so polite that it hurts ! You will find that it has better benefits than than if you are rude.
Other Players, Smiths, Teams are more willing to assist and offer assistance to the individual Player or Team that is polite, than to the Rude `` Know it alls ´´. These type of Players or Teams usually get one chance, then they are left alone as if they are infected with Herpes, even when they come begging for Help.

Offer your Assistance.
Like the saying goes, `` You catch more Flies with Honey than you do with Vinegar ´´, this applies to AS as well. If you help others freely, politely and humbly, when you need help, others will be falling over each other to help you out when you need it.


This is a subject that is close to the Heart for me, so excuse me if this comes across as preaching, but the Individual Player is responsible for how AirSoft is seen and interpreted by the Uninformed.

When we as a Community talk about going onto the `` Battlefield´´, for this weekends `` War´´, having so and so many `` Kills´´ during a `` Gun Fight ´´ resulting in the `` Complete Annihilation ´´ of the `` Enemy´´, then it is not hard to understand how the General Public views AirSoft as a ``Game for Children´´ or for ``Wannabe War Hero´s´´.

When we are discussing a game or match amongst ourselves in a closed environment, how we talk about what happened or what was done, dosn´t matter, but....

When we are in mixed company ( Players/Non-Players ), or in/on an open environment, then we as a community full of Mature and Responsible Players have to pay special attention to how we present our Hobby/Sport.

Given AirSoft is a Military Simulation, no discussion or argument from me there, but if we all want to see the further development and improvements in the Overall Picture of the Game, then we have to take responsibility for how we Present it.

Battlefield-The field where a land battle is or was fought. A general action, fight, or encounter, in which all the divisions of an army are or may be engaged.

Yes this definition applies to AirSoft, but it also gives of the implications of all the terrible things associated with a `` Real ´´ war, Dead, Wounded, Pain, Suffering, is that how we want AirSoft to be seen or understood ?

Kill(s)-To put to death; to extinguish the life of.

Sorry this word has absolutely nothing to do with AirSoft, or with describing the Playing of the game.

Operation or OP-a military campaign.

Most times this is used to Name or Describe an Event, again it can apply to AS, but when used openly it is compared to Past or Current Real World ``Wars´´ ie. Operation Market Garden, Operation Desert Storm, Operation Urgent Fury, Operation Just Cause and so on.
Personally I like when Events, Matches or Games are titled like, Pine Bluff, Gambit, Golden Horizon, Stiletto, for the People in the `` Know ´´, these names say more than when they are given an OP, or Operation name.

Other terms that we should avoid,in open discussion
Bayonet Charge

Here is an example, and I have taken the Liberty of using some of the members here in the Story, if anybody is offended, let me know and I will change it.

( Wrong )
Dude, you missed a great WAR last weekend !!! Alabama-Sniper, Lone Wolf, sticks, Double-Taps, AFU an Me had to go onto the Battlefield and Rescue some P.O.W´s ( Soft-HIT, mgunner) from Satan, Tank, NCIS, White Wolf, Killer and Snake Eater had them Hog Tied and locked up in a Bunker !!

Bama and LW attacked from the East, just pumping out hundred of rounds, they were able to keep Satan, Tank and white wolf so busy that sticks and AFU low crawled up behind them and Knife Killed them all before they knew what was going on. Then Snake-Eater jumped out of his Spider Hole and drilled both with Head-Shots right between the eyes.

NCIS and Killer saw what was going on, and started a murderous Fire-Fight with Bama and LW , at the same time Snake-Eater tried to sneak around to the flank, but D-T was waiting and dropped him with a solid Nut shot, we started laughing so hard it was hard to keep from getting shot.

By the time D-T an Me got our heads back into the war, NCIS and Killer had managed to barricade themselves into a really good fighting position, and there was just no way that A-S, L-W and were going to be able to take them out, so we made the Plan that D-T and Me would attempt a Suicide Attack, and maybe be able to draw some fire giving the rest the Chance to wipe them out.

After making all Kinds of Noise, and Putting now some heavy fire on their Position, D-T and Me started out to get them, and it almost worked like a charm, about 5 meters out, NCIS jumps up and lets loose with his 203 and Gives me a full blast right in the face !! As a reward for that, D-T put one right between his Lips now NCIS looks like he belongs in the film Wrong Turn, would fit right in with him missing 2 front teeth, HillBilly Pure, LOL

Well to make a long story short, in all the confusion, A-S and L-W were able to Drop Killer and save the day, we took some heavy losses but the Mission was accomplished.

( Better Description, same Game )

Hi Admin,
You were really missed and needed at last weekends Game, Our team was going up against Satan and his Boys ( Nice Team by the way ).
The Scenario was that they had 2 of our Players in their control ( Soft-Hit and mgunner ), and we had to try and get them back to our side.

Well Bama and LW kept Satan and 2 of his players so occupied that AFU and sticks were able to move up from behind and Tap them out before they had any Idea of what was going on, but they let their guard down, Snake-Eater had a fantastic Hide, he jumped out and with some really well placed Hits sent both AFU and sticks to the Re-Spawn with tears in their eyes and rubbing their foreheads.

Well NCIS and Killer saw what happened and really started putting up a hard defense against Bama and LW, using the opportunity Snake-Eater tried to come up on the flank but was stopped short by a shot to the groin from D-T, it was painful to watch but at the same time funny as heck, D-T and I had to struggle to keep our heads in the game, as a result of us loosing control, NCIS and Killer were able to move into a real good position, and it was going to be impossible to finish the game without some radical action from our side, well after a short discussion we decided that D-T and I would try an Flash Attack on their Position, by using alot of noise and movement we were able to draw their attention away from A-S and L-W, we were able to get within 5 meters of their position but then there were a couple incidents of minimum engagement distance violations ( PM for Details ).

Well to make a long story short, As-and L-w removed the opposition, but we took some heavy losses, better luck next time I guess.
After the Game, both teams got together and talked it over, everybody agrees, mistakes were made on both sides, D-T and I apologized to Snake-Eater for laughing when he got Hit, he understands and also had a good laugh over it, so no hard feelings by anybody involved.

P.S. We should really consider Playing with Satan and his Team more often, they know what they are doing and really put up a Good Game.

Tho the second description may not be as colorful, for people that Play the Game, it says exactly the same as the first but in a more mature fashion, to the Uninformed, I hope it also comes across a a fun activity that they might also like to try.

So now here is the final part and probably the most important,

You have the appropriate Uniform,
You have a Playing Field,
You Transport your AS Replicas correctly,
You are Mature, Polite, Humble and Helpful,
You can describe the Game without scaring the Bejesus out of the General Public,

Now get those that are interested onto the Playing Field !!! Show them the right way to Play !!! Police the Players that are giving the Game a Bad Name !!!

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PostSubject: Re: Portraying the game   2/27/2010, 11:16 pm

Holy Lord. Wow. Can we run around and F'ing shoot people now?
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PostSubject: Re: Portraying the game   2/27/2010, 11:20 pm

brazzy... your my hero hahahaha

Welcome To My Pain Shelter
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PostSubject: Re: Portraying the game   

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Portraying the game
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