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 Membership Requirements*Approved*

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E-8 Master Sergeant
E-8 Master Sergeant

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PostSubject: Membership Requirements*Approved*   2/26/2010, 11:17 pm

i think we should set up some basic equipment requirements that someone would need to fulfill before joining the team.

nothing too expensive but the basics that you need in this sport.
ex. set of woodland BDU
an AEG (no particular price range)
a couple spare mags to go with that AEG
a mask

things that seem basic but that a lot of people do not have, let's face it, we really don't want to have a bunch of backyard springers on our team running around in bright pink clothes...

any other suggestions would be appreciated.
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Doc Skyttlez
O-10 General
O-10 General

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PostSubject: Re: Membership Requirements*Approved*   2/27/2010, 1:22 am

I guess thats acceptable

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Membership Requirements*Approved*
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