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 Gear+Guns i own

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E-8 Master Sergeant

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PostSubject: Gear+Guns i own   2/15/2010, 9:35 pm

MICH helmet
Shooter's glasses
(No face mask, do fields rent them?)
Full tactical assault vest
Left leg pistol holster
Guns: (all Crosman brand, all low quality)
AR17 (M4 variant) pretty decent for a cheap gun
Pulse R71 (MP5 variant)
Remington Tac1 full stock (pump shotgun)
Remington Tac1 adjustable stock w/ pistol grip (pump shotgun)
Stinger R36 (Spring powered MP5 variant)
Three unimportant spring pistols...
Ordered gun:
Army Armament L85A1 Full Steel
box set of 10 mid cap mags

i think that's everything.

on a side note, the next time you guys order something you should put a "I am dead" scarf into your cart, they're like a dollar each and it beats trying to dig one up the day of a skirmish.
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Gear+Guns i own
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