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 Guns + Gear

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E-4 Corporal
E-4 Corporal

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PostSubject: Guns + Gear   2/15/2010, 8:26 pm

Cyma m14 Socom 16
(im gonna get a rail system, a flashlight and scope, but im out of cash)

WE Luger P08 6 inch barrel
AND 2 mags

BDU woodland Jacket

BDU woodland Pants


V-tech airsoft/paintball mask



PASGT helmet ( only used in CQB)

Left hand leg holster


Generic Stock Sling

Black belt(non tactical)


5 m14 midcap (110) mags

Simple pocket knife

Corporal insignia

.25 - .3 polished bb's (for my M14)

.2 polished bb's (for my luger)

400 round speed loader


Laser point/flashlight

BSR Patch

Ipod and headphones around my neck

Food!!!! (idc, i have an extra dump pouch and im hungry all the time, so i dont care if it weighs me down)

Glasses(reason for mentioning these is because i bought the mask so i could use my glasses,.... my eyesight is very very bad)

UTG tri shot shotgun pistol grip (for CQB)

7/ 10 round shot gun shells

All the stuff that stands out im going to paint/dye OD green

2 grenades per battle

a flare(in night battles)

Also, i had a very hard time identifying enemies/friendly and just people in general in the pick up game... if anyone has some ideas onto how i could solve this problem please DO TELL

I no its not gear, but to keep up with the weight of the gear and demand of airsoft, im going to start do alot of cardiovascular exercises (along with minor weight lifting).

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E-8 Master Sergeant
E-8 Master Sergeant

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PostSubject: Re: Guns + Gear   4/29/2010, 8:04 pm

a lot of the vids on youtube have people wearing red/blue/yellow armbands which is a decent idea for target ID, but it's probably better to just know the location of your team.
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Guns + Gear
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