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 Whats your choice?

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Doc Skyttlez
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O-10 General

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PostSubject: Whats your choice?   2/7/2010, 11:31 pm

Sights, sights, sights. Iron, acog, red dot or holographic? Well we all have preferences but facts are facts, red dot sights and holographics are very accurate if you constantly have the gun to your head. An acog is great for someone who needs to get there gun up quick after running sneaking et c. But all of those can be thrown out of whack if you nudge the gun the wrong way, with an iron sight, you can hold your gun by the barrel an smack it against a tree and the sight will not move, so you need to make sure you are good with iron sigjts, or be ready to have to dial in your sights

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PostSubject: Re: Whats your choice?   2/9/2010, 12:07 am

Good idea. You got it backwards though. The halo sight and red dots are not built for accuracy. They are built for faster target acquisition. They have great eye relief and when you get into a firing position, even with both eyes open the red dot is visible. The Acog is meant for accuracy. They are usually set at 4x zoom and have terrible eye relief, so unless you get a doctor sight for it you will need to use the iron sight thats mounted on your acog for close encounters. In airsoft the ACOG is fairly useless unless its a knock off with no zoom and is just a glorified red dot. A real ACOG is meant for long range shots 400-600 meters. Awesome to have on your AR15 when going to the range, not so much for airsoft. The red dot or halo sight is what i recommend. However, take skyttlez advice and be good with iron sights. In addition to any optics you should look into grabbing a BUIS (back up iron sight). Typically its a folding iron sight where if your batteries die or you kill your optics somehow, you hit the switch and you iron sights pop up and you now use your iron sights through your mounted optics.
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Whats your choice?
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