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 Field Deaths ????

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O-10 General
O-10 General

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PostSubject: Field Deaths ????   3/28/2010, 12:23 pm

Ok Just wondering how the death system works at most airsoft fields.

Like do you pull out your dead flag and walk back to a respawn point or are you tagged back in by a medic?

And how should we run our field for skirmishes?
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PostSubject: Re: Field Deaths ????   3/28/2010, 12:57 pm

Typically it will change from game to game or field to field. There are briefings prior to each event to let you know how the rules will go but I can give you examples of what to expect.

It only takes one hit. When a player is hit they must yell hit and pull out a red rag. (this part is universal)

Some games there are no medics. You simply walk back to your respawn and sit out for a period of time (sometimes there is no respawn but thats only in small games).

For medic rules there are usually medics assigned to a squad. They will have bandages, tape, whatever. Typically the medic will have to do something to the wounded player so that they can get back in the fight. Typically there is a time limit on this. If you are hit and you sit for five minutes waiting for a medic and it looks like no one is coming for you just go back to respawn. If an opposing player comes up and tags you you can just go back to respawn.

Wounded men cannot talk. Then can only call for a medic. No direction or pointing out of opposing players is allowed.

Wounded men can be moved by anyone. If you are wounded even though I am not a medic I can still move you out of a hot zone and to a place where a medic can safely do what he has to do. You do not need to carry the player simply putting a hand on them is sufficient to move them.

That covers the most common stuff you will see. However, you will get a detailed summary of all the rules, objectives, etc at every game you attend. There is usually a safety briefing (field rules) followed by a game briefing (medic rules and objectives) followed by a team briefing (your team leader giving instructions).
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Field Deaths ????
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