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 Medic Treatments

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Doc Skyttlez
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O-10 General

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PostSubject: Medic Treatments   1/23/2010, 3:32 am

Airsoft EMT's job:

*Pay attention to safety briefings and follow rules
*Don't skimp on eyewear or footwear "cause if you buy the cheap ones you can afford that delta sniper gun you always wanted"
*In winter games, stay warm (For something that seems so obvious, people miss it a lot)
*Learn what water is and how to drink it before, during, and following games.
*Situational awareness goes a long way. Keep your eyes open and if you see something you shouldn't be around, leave it be.

If people could learn to follow basic instructions, the common airsoft injuries (BB in the eye, twisted ankles, frostbite, heat exhaustion and dehydration, poison ivy, bee stings, etc) would be rare to say the least.

If Anyone Is Interested, I would be happy to Create an EMT training course for you Guys

Welcome To My Pain Shelter
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Medic Treatments
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